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NOOM | Chaise avec chevalet By ACTIU

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Noom, the chair that combines tailoring and 3D technology.‎
Noom came about from the need for multi-purpose furniture for different work areas.‎
Designed by Alegre Design, it has endless finishes and options that allow it to fit in perfectly in all type of workspaces.‎
This soft seating range incorporates integral 3D technology and includes seats, chairs and stools.‎

Actiu launches Noom, a new soft seating range, based on a friendly and extremely versatile design, which manages to provide a comfortable and ergonomic solution for different contact spaces and workplaces.‎ Areas that promote the exchange of ideas, formal and informal meetings and communication between team members and that require new furniture, capable of responding to the needs of all types of offices and contact spaces.‎
Noom's great versatility and customization potential, designed by Alegre Design, allows this range to be placed in areas that include lobbies, waiting areas, meeting rooms and hotels, among others.‎ And it achieves this thanks to well-designed, transversal chairs, armchairs, benches available in a wide variety of options in terms of seat and structure, from armchairs with metal and wooden bases to high stools for counters and restaurant bars.‎
Noom combines artisanal upholstery with 3D pattern and stitching technologies that allow generating new sensations from a soft seating range that organically find their space in contact and work environments.‎

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