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SCRIGNO By Antonio Lupi Design

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A complex project in its simplicity, a minimal design that does not prevail in any way on its primary function or on the very essence of the object.‎ Scrigno is a recessed lamp with a built-in switch that can be positioned anywhere on the wall according to the needs and functions that you want to attribute to it.‎ A versatile and transversal presence, discreet yet precious, which can be positioned at different heights: near a mirror, next to the bed, in a corridor or in any other room in the house.‎ Easy to use and intuitive, transforming living trends and reviving old gestures, anticipating new daily actions.‎

To turn Scrigno on and off, just press the body of the lamp at the top so it swings out and turns on at the same time, to turn it off just press the body of the lamp at the bottom where it fits back into the wall.‎ Essential, minimal, geometric, but capable of improving the comfort of the spaces in which we live, integrating best in a contemporary and elegant architectural style.‎ Scrigno is a lamp designed for human well-being, it is a project that explores the topics repeatedly researched by antoniolupi regarding the integration of objects within the wall partitions, between systems and solutions that disappear in the wall and elements that seamlessly emerge from it.‎ An approach to the three-dimensionality of the surface that allows you to use unexpected compartments, not to occupy precious space and not to hinder the free movement within the rooms.‎

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