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Meuble sous-vasque suspendu


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BINARIO By Antonio Lupi Design

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Meuble sous-vasque suspendu


en bois

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A collection of furniture with an essential image and clean lines, as is the style of antoniolupi.‎
An important graphic sign that becomes a geometric decoration to enhance the materiality of the surfaces and enhance the volume of the containers.‎ Parallel lines like rails engrave the fronts of and the sides, giving three-dimensionality to the surface and dressing the piece of furniture with a "pleating" that visually lightens it.‎

Spaced 3 mm apart in Binario 03 and 12 mm in Binario 12, the millings articulate the longitudinal development of the furniture, opposing a very dense vertical trace that "measures" the proportion of the front, enriching the entire project.‎

Binario 03
is only available in a matt or embossed lacquered version in all the colors of the antoniolupi range.‎ The furniture of the Binario 03 collection can be combined with the tops of the Ponte series, which fit perfectly to create a groove that extends along the entire composition and allows for easy opening of the front.‎ A texture that gives movement and depth to the whole, a play of shadows that "draws" the final image of the furniture.‎

Binario 12 is available both in the wood essence version and in the lacquered version in matt or embossed finish.‎

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