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Split is certificated and type-approved for its fire resistance following the European EN 1634 standard, which is issued following the conformity to rigorous fire resistance standards.‎
EI2 60 and 120 certification.‎
The term “EI” signals the capacity of a product to retain certain characteristics, for a given time, against fire: 60 and 120 minutes.‎
Each letter indicates a different characteristic.‎
“E” means integrity, being the door’s capacity not to allow the passage of, or produce smoke or fames.‎
“I” indicates thermal insulation being the door’s capacity to reduce the transmission of heat.‎ Therefore, a door capable of maintaining its load bearing capacity and able to block the passage of fames and smoke is classed as “E”.‎
A door which, in addition to the qualities mentioned above, is capable of limiting the transmission of heat, up to a maximum temperature of 180°C, on the face of the door that is not in direct contact with the fire (cold face) is classed as EI.‎

Split is a versatile fire door, which meets the increasingly agile and dynamic demands of distribution and perfectly meets the available in stock requirements.‎
Can be installed in houses, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, machine rooms, cinemas and any public building, it is suitable to close medium size passageways, typical of single and double leaf doors.‎
Standard dimensions, single opening hand thanks to the reversibility of the structure with 4 sided frame, blank structure and the sturdiness typical of steel, brick-in or bolt-in frame depending on the wall, all features that make the product extremely functional.‎

Fitting is flexible and universal thanks to the reversibility, with the lower cross member that can be removed by means of screws.‎
Panic version or with handle/handle and vast choice of colours, very competitive price and immediate availability, complete the features of a door that allows the wholesaler to minimize stock manage to offer the user the opportunity to customize the fitting, determining the opening hand during the installation and, if the case, the addition of the panic bar.‎ For Split, surface protection with film to be removed after the installation.‎

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