Barbecue à bois en acier


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Barbecue à bois en acier


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BOWL PLANCHA - Cooking on a surface heated by fire – a tradition thousands of years old, worldwide, in most different cultures.‎ In Spain, the Plancha developed from it, the Japanese call it Teppanyaki.‎ The wide range of dishes which can be cooked or grilled on a hot surface is uncountable and no limits exist for your creativity.‎

// semi-ring
// cast iron, enameled
// anti-stick coating for low-fat roasting and cooking
// small exterior ring to prevent fat or grillables from falling down
// excellent heat storage
// two Planchas combined form a ring
// combinable with cooking grid

Cozy barbecue evenings in the garden, crackling campfire atmosphere on the terrace in summer or pleasant warmth in winter: with the new fire bowl Bowl by höfats, everything is possible because this all-round talent made of enameled steel adapts flexibly to every kind of use.‎ Be it as a grill or mobile fireplace – Bowl brings ingenious design and fire into life.‎
The purist, half-round bowl captivates with its form and functionality; at the same time, it surprises with thought-out details as it can be used on two different heights: with the high tripod foot, the cooking grid or a Plancha cast plate, Bowl turns into a high-quality grill for spontaneous barbecues.‎ But also as a fireplace with high or low foot - the höfats innovation performs great and guarantees hygge feeling on the terrace on warm summer evenings.‎
As regards handling, Bowl is absolutely uncomplicated: in the interior of the steel hemisphere, a removable brazier is inserted which is easy to clean.‎ The high foot made of stainless steel can be folded up in just a few simple steps and thus comfortably be stored.‎
A clever solution: whenever the wind is stronger, Bowl can be easily tilted upwards.‎ The now protected flames continue burning and are effectively highlighted in front of the black background.‎ Be it a casual cocktail party or an extravagant open-air dinner: with Bowl, every outdoor event is perfectly rounded off.‎

Principales informations du producteur sur BOWL PLANCHA höfats
30x60x2 cm
Weight: 4,30 kg

Collection Bowl par höfats
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