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BART LENS (°1959) was awarded a degree in Architecture from the Provinciaal Hoger Architectuur Instituut in 1982. Following a traineeship with Jo Spaas in St-Huybrechts Lille, he worked for various firms, such as M. Jaspers (Projects: SAS Hotel in Brussels, CERA-HK in Leuven, Limeparts in Genk and the Dockside disco in Hasselt), and HK Kredietbank at the Properties department (34 employees for the central building department) to expand his professional knowledge. In 1995 he took an important decision: he set up his own firm, LENS°ASS in Hasselt. That firm now employs a young dynamic team which works on a variety of projects under his leadership: interior design, stores, houses, industrial complexes, home zones, etc. The designs are always an expression of a pragmatic, realistic approach to a building project, with a great emphasis on materialisation, whereby the different design choices have a major impact on the ambience aimed for, which is not the result of furnishings or decoration, but forms an essential part of the overall architecture. Lens also recently became a Studio teacher at St Lucasinstituut in Ghent and Brussels. He now also lectures at CAD in Brussels, in the Architecture department. On 31 October 2007 he opened his second office in Brussels. Recently he was appointed curator of the “BKRK - Bokrijk Brand” to demonstrate the contemporary relevance of ancient artisan craft, rather than nostalgic look back to how it was before. ... Altro ... meno

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