Carlo Stefanut


Pordenone / Italia

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Carlo Stefanut was born in Italy, in Pordenone. His curiosity was born with him along with the desire to experiment and create. He attended a technical school that allowed him to understand the mechanisms and functioning of “things” and then went on to pursue is studies in Mechanical Engineering at University. During that time he approached the world of Design where he was able to unite creativity and technical skills. In 2013 he designed and constructed his first clock – Woodclock – with which he began his collaboration with Horm & Orizzonti. Creating clocks excites him, partly because it reminds him of his grandfather’s clock collection – which fascinated him so much during his childhood – and partly because these objects have a great capacity to decorate and fill in walls. For these reasons he has continued designing others. Wood is his material of choice: one of the oldest materials on earth, which always has a unique story to tell through its different grains and colour shades. Creating new objects astonishes him and this is what distinguishes his work – he aims to convey emotions. He always makes time to imagine and create, as this is the spice of life. ... Altro ... meno
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