Eduardo Romaguera


Valencia / Spagna

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Born in Valencia in 1976, Eduardo Romaguera has a Master´s Degree in Fine Arts by Facultad de San Carlos in Valencia. He is being awarded with several prestigious grants, one of the most important “the Communities of Artistic Creation” given by Mexican Government. His reflexive proposals have been seen in Argentina, India, China, Bolivia, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, U.S.A. and Spain. He actively participates in several European University research groups focusing on new art techniques. Romaguera supports the creation of Independent Contemporary Art Spaces.

It´s difficult for Eduardo to point out a key work. There is a lot of hide means on the Eduardo’s artworks. Just look at the paintings carefully, see the form, see the paint, try to decipher it. The paintings speak their language and the poetry is the signature that unites them.

Life as an artist is intense, according to Eduardo Romaguera. ´Art is marvelous, everybody should experience it. Doors are opened to dimensions with extraordinary poetical eradiation. Eduardo considers his work as a game, he plays with elements, some of them technical and very precise.
There is a lot of humor in it. His artworks are open to numerous interpretations. ... Altro ... meno
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