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Emiliana Martinelli was born at Lucca; she gets her diploma at Istituto Statale d’Arte, the State Institute of Art at Lucca - Division Ceramics and afterwards Industrial Design at ISIA in Florence, where she later graduates in Architecture.

She starts working for the company that her father Elio established in the 50s and she works with him (her best teacher) being responsible for design, for the production of lighting fixtures as well as for different managerial problems.

She also deals with interior and stand design, with which this company was, over the years, and is still present at several events of this sector: EUROLUCE - INTEL - LIGHT BUILDING - MAISON & OBJECT -etc., and with other fitting and lighting engineering advices for different exhibitions and events.

She follows Martinelli Luce graphics taking care of its catalogues, brochures, newspapers and the advertising on sector magazines, but in particular she devotes herself to lighting fixtures design, both for home and for public and commercial areas.

Nature, geometrical forms and simplicity are her sources of inspiration for design together with new technologies, new materials and the constant evolution of light sources, taking constantly in mind the energy efficiency.

During the latest years, many projects have been developed: different typologies of lamps, reading lamps, wall lamps, standing lamps, swinging lamps and technical devices that we find in the catalogues - Lamps and System - such as: EMI - PISTILLO - NUVOLE - GAIA - EVA - TRIFOGLIO - GLOUGLOU - CORONA/M - LUNA - POPCORN - the system BRICK - CIRCULAR and CIRCULAR POL- COLIBRI' and many others.

Emiliana Martinelli is the president of Martinelli Luce supported by her son Marco. ... Altro ... meno

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