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Milano / Italia

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Laura Pessoni lives and works in Milan as Product, Lighting and Interior designer.
Born in 1983, she graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano. There she first went into depth on Human Factors and afterwards she specialized in Product and Lighting design.
She soon began working with Arch. Carlotta de Bevilaqua's focussing on Interior design and Product/Lighting design for Artemide and Danese Milano (“Tye” family, “Ephemeris” for Artemide and “Xiao tet” family for Danese).
Her work takes form from of a critical and conceptual design effort that draws inspiration from technological innovations and has as values the centrality of man, his perception of the product in relation to the surrounding space and the conceptual meaning of the gesture in its use.
Her new products “Ephemeris”, “Null Vector”, “Scrittura” for Artemide and “Rotorlite” for Danese have been presented in Euroluce 2013. “Null Vector” has also been protagonist in new project by Jean Nouvel Studio, "Office for living", at Salone Ufficio Milano Fairgrounds, Rho. ... Altro ... meno
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