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Born in 1963 in San Gallo (CH) Switzerland, I now live and work in ODERZO (TV).
In 1992 I graduated in architecture with a Masters in Industrial Design from the IED of Milan.
In the field of design, I have received numerous and important awards at an International level.
he evolutionary path that I have trodden, focusing my attention as architect and designer on objects and projects relating to the world of design, has passed through the environmental surroundings I live and work in, from the experience that I have matured over the intense and creative years of designing to the working relationships with a number of well-respected companies from the Veneto, Friulano and Milan areas in the furniture sector.

My design projects generally come from my creative ideas, studied and elaborated from sketches and from informal illustrative designs which are quite approximate, in order to give shape and dimension to a project which will subsequently be definitive.
My design amalgamates everything from the study of the ergonomics and formal structure and their principal details with the utmost of attention, to analysing the areas of the markets where the product is destined, to the constant research for new technological materials and which are inherent to the industrial overall situation, both for the HOME sector as well as for the COMMERCIAL one.
Design for me is a synonym for creativity, fantasy and emotion. ... Altro ... meno
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