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MILODAMALO – it’s a new unit of a small thing with enormous idea. Our philosophy lies in measuring of space or thing not by square meters or copies but by uniqueness and originality of idea.

Company MILODAMALO is a cooperation product of two professionals and really good persons – Maxim Nizov and Maria Surkova. Since 2009 the studio has developed non-typical spaces and objects. The main idea of the company is to work up and implement of unique architectural and design solutions. Milodamalo is an awardee of numerous Russian and international contests in the sphere of architecture and design. The studio has embodied architectural projects and industrial design objects as collection of office furniture. As of today we consider the showroom project for NLK Domostroenie in Artplay center as the most significant project developed by us. It’s an outstanding sample of modern wooden architecture.

We cooperate with leading construction companies and prime furniture producers in Russia.

2009 – Laureates of the International Design Biennale Modulor 2009, Architectural design nomination

2011 – Winners of the international contest “Home at housetop”

2012 – Winners of the contest “High interior style”, “unimplemented interior project” nomination

2012 – Laureates of the international contest “Balancing pavilion”

2012 – Laureates of the international contest for concept of atrium design for “Detsky Mir” at Lubyanka squire

2013 – Winners of the international contest “U-office”

2013 – Winners of Artemide contest

2013 – Laureates of the contest Nayada Arch Challenge 2013, “Communication zones” nomination (project of office furniture “X-Collection”)

2013 – Winners of the architectural contest “Precious heat” within the scope of the festival “Green project” (project of power efficient cottage “House with warm heart”) ... Altro ... meno
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