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Oslo / Norvegia

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Peter Opsvik works together with seven colleagues in his studio. Although Peter Opsvik comes up with most of the basic concepts, the work of translating his raw idea into a finished, manufacturable product is a team effort.

The studio has a strong focus on product design as a mean for solving real-life problems. Core competence is furniture design, interior design, ergonomics, environmental oriented solutions, engineering and communication. The studio works both independently and in close collaboration with major manufacturers, such as Hag and Stokke.

In early stages of the processes the studio normally works independently with prototypes of technical solutions and visual expressions in the workshop. This stage lasts until the idea is ready to be presented for a potential licensee. If the product makes it as far as a licensing agreement, the further development proceeds in close collaboration with the manufacturer's R&D department to adapt the product for commercial distribution. ... Altro ... meno

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