Rodrigo Torres


Milano / Italia

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Born in Bogota - Colombia in 1976.
In 1998 he obtained his degree in Industrial Design from the faculty of Industrial Design of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota and received the Master in Design at Domes Academy of Milan in 1999. In 1997 he won the Mario SantaDomingo prize for the best students of design and architecture of Colombia and did a stage at the CID (Central Industrial Design) at Whirlpool Europe (Italy). In 1998 he participated with his final thesis at the Nev Designers Exhibition in London that took part in the Business Design Centre. In 2030 he was part of the BaciLab project from Darius Academy in wich he developed packag ing for Bad Perugina's chocolates under the guidance of Stefano Giovannoni. From 20M until 2004 he worked as a designer for Stefano Giovannoni's studio in Milan. In 2005 and 2008 he won the "Lapiz de Acero" design award with Moiled and Manta chair. As ar independent desigrer has designed for companies such as Alessi. Poliforrn. Nike, Mc:resat Dotrodinarnica, MIS, 13usso Kvaser, Ferrero, Gaol- Perugina and others. In 2006 he participated at the exhibition "La fabbroca del design" organized by Domus Academy and the Comune di Milano. His work has been published on some of the most important design publications in Europe. Asia and America. He has been visiting professor arid project leader for the masters in product design and interaction design at Domus Academy in Milan and visiting professor at the Istituto europeo di design in Turin. He has held conferences at several universities in Italy and Colombia.
He lives and works in Milan. ... Altro ... meno
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