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Padova / Italia

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Serena Vinciguerra (born 1985) is a product designer who lives and works in Padua, Italy.
She began her training and education attending the "Progettazione Artistica Per l'Impresa" bachelor at the "Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera" in Milan.
Her interest in product design developped with the Master in Ecodesign & Ecoinnovation at UNICAM, where she graduated in July 2010 with a thesis based on sustainable electric appliance for Indesit Company.
In 2011 she established "Nuup, Sustainable Creativity", a network of creative professionals who are involved in sustainable design.
She is a creative minded, curious, passionate person and continuously looking for new ideas, recording interesting details with a strong attitude for environmentally sustainable products.
She is now working as a freelance designer for different Italian companies. ... Altro ... meno
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