Stefano Bonazzi


Ferrara / Italia

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His characters are imbued with fear. Relating continually with others has worn them out. They have lost all their faith, choosing to shield themselves behind a boundary that ensures they are protected and safe in their muffled microcosm. Unique self-portraits playing on the ambiguity of a fierce evil disguised as veiled but relentless sorrow. Or masks that blatently cover faces, revealing an insolent eroticism bordering on intense fetishism. Diversity appeals to him – that ambivalence/duplicity of human nature that is able to ward off, even if just for a moment, social unrest, conformity at all costs, perfection, and being so irremedially placed in a vicious (re)production cycle. With his digital images, he attempts to photograph and expose the nocturnal side of human beings. The mask covers all possible emotions, all somatic features, transforming the bare figures into matter without names and without a past, ready to take on a new form. Like gaunt observers, his characters move uncertainly through an unknown universe dominated by chaos. ... Altro ... meno
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