Sylvie Maréchal


Paris / Francia

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Sylvie Maréchal, CEO and Partner Beau & Bien, is a French designer with one main field of work: invent the future day to day life. After a Diploma in Business Administration she decides to start an Art education and at the same time her professional experience in a creative environment, an Advertising Agency. Quickly she joined the Galeries Lafayette Department Store team where she is confronted to many kind of markets and objects, from fashion to furniture, from luxury to food market.
10 years later, she left to meet a new kind of experience, International and Luxury Business with the prestigious Louis Vuitton company where she stayed for 5 years. In 2002 she meets AD HOC DESIGN Agency and decides to found with them the Beau & Bien company in the objective to create new concept of decoration using innovative technology and material.
Her first job was dedicated to light. For her light is sense but lightings are not sensual… wires are unaesthetic and bulky, they restrict their day to day use. An obvious mission appeared to her: think about a new art of living light, more emotional and sensible, more convenient and green… bringing high technology at the service of human’s pleasure. Why would a lamp not be at the same time emotional and environmentally friendly, aesthetic and usefull? In 2004, the first range of products is launched, looking like the moon: the ‘Smoon’-collection is the 1st in wireless ‘green’ lamps. Nowadays, Beau & Bien is the reference for green, wireless in-door and out-door ligthing applications. ... Altro ... meno
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