Moquette a motivi a quadrotte

  • Design by Kathrin + Mark Pathel
  • Collezione Freestile

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Moquette a motivi a quadrotte


in materiale sintetico

Anno Design

Collezione FREESTILE - Moquette a motivi a quadrotte in 100% PET riciclabile, disegnata da Kathrin + Mark Pathel per OBJECT CARPET.‎

Product Advantages
- free from PVC and bitumen
- suitable for allergy sufferers (tested and TÜV-certified)
- reduces dust particles (GUI-verified)
- low-emission (tested and certified by DIBT)
- low-odour (GUT tested and certified)
- improves spatial acoustics and reduces impact noise
- fibre material made of 100 % PET (100 % recyclable)
- newly developed digital print without water use or drying process
- easy and self-laying without surface bonding
- luxurious walking comfort with high density reverse coating
- suitable for DGNB and LEED certified buildings
Acoustic Plus
Architectural and spatial concepts demand sophisticated acoustic planning. When smooth materials and open structures are involved, such as glass, steel and concrete sound is particularly reverberative, large rooms offer limited options in terms of sound absorption. The consequence: a protracted reverberation period, high impact sound and thus background noise that makes focused work, communication and creative thinking virtually impossible.

The entire FREESTILE collection comes with Acoustic Plus as standard, and significantly assist in bringing about balanced spatial acoustics. With its top absorption values for flat weave, FREESTILE improves acoustic conditions and speech intelligibility – in the conference room, hotel, shop or restaurant and in the home setting. The result is a peaceful atmosphere in which people experience a sense of well-being, brainstorm and achieve optimum performance.

The special construction typical of carpets from OBJECT CARPET, combined with Acoustic Plus, ensures that the improved acoustic properties remain stable for years together. The high density and thermosetting of the reverse coating ensure complete suitability to interiors as well as durability in areas with high footfall.
Method of production ISO 2424: flat woven fabric
Width ISO 3018: SL Tiles 50 x 50 cm
Surface structure ISO 2424: Loop
Colourways ISO 2424: printed
Pile material: 100 % PET Anvire FR®
Primary backing ISO 2424: PET
Secondary backing ISO 2424: Textile Heavy Backing Acoustic Plus
Overall weight ISO 8543: ca. 3.700 g/m²
Overall thickness ISO 1765: ca. 5,0 mm
Pile service weight: ca. 655 g/m²
50 x 50 cm

Collezione Freestile by OBJECT CARPET
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