Yoshino Toshiyuki


Tokyo / 日本

Born in Yokohama in 1959

1984 Graduated from the university laboratory Ataka Prize metal-casting crafts Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Department
1987 Completion of laboratory equipment, Graduate School of Design Graduate School of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Art
1987 Design Department worked Tanseisha Co., Ltd., Inc.
1989 Germany passed the German government scholarship at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts Academy of Design Shubebisshu-Mundt gain involved in the theoretical study of "form language"
1990 Pioneer Corporation Design Center work
1993 Move in Milan, Italy
1994 Opening Studio Yoshino
1999 Established furniture brand, the company Remus error Living Art in Milan
2003 Furniture Design Exhibition Prussian halberd Yoshino
Living Design Gallery OZONE in Shinjuku, Tokyo
2007 Resume activities in Japan. ... More ... less
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