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Archiproducts is part of Archipassport, the international network for architecture, construction, and design

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The architecture and design network

Archipassport is the international network chosen by professionals to find their way and communicate in the construction, architecture and design world. Indeed, it has milions registered users in the building, architecture and design categories. A community undergoing continual growth, thanks to the daily information in real time, to the categorising of the content and to the services dedicated to professionals, companies and simple home enthusiasts.

The web traffic on the network websites has reached and consolidated very high numbers in Italy and in the last 5 years it has grown considerably in Europe (France , Switzerland , Germany , Spain , Austria , Russia and the US), thanks to the indexing on Google in English, French, Spanish and German. Great expansion is under way in the USA and Brazil, Russia and Arab countries in the Middle East. Result achieved also thanks to the important web marketing, social media marketing and search marketing campaigns.

Archipassport is social! Every day you’ll find new content, events, and interesting news from the International Design world, new products, and even focuses and regulations for the sector’s professionals. The portals’ respective social network pages boast more than 2.5 million followers.

Archipassport is the network's "pass key", a single back-end system for the 4 portals. User manage the account and the user profile, registration to the newsletter, catalogue download, regulations, documents and communications of the network with a single login.

The worldwide source for architecture and design products

Archiproducts.com is the largest "permanent virtual exhibition" of architecture and design, an international platform, created in 2009 from the Edilportale and Archiportale Products Directory. With more than 155,000 products, 3.500 brands, 2.500 designers, Archiproducts is the reference platform for all the portals of the network for the publication of the product catalogues and for product tagging in the projects on Archilovers: not only product catalogues, but also products set in the projects. A continually expanding database translated into 11 languages, with enhanced research, filters by category, by manufacturer, by designer and dealer. A world of international brands, designers, trade shows, news and events. Archiproducts is also a free App, which contains thousands of products, brands and designers always at your disposal on all mobile devices.

Archiproducts is also an online shop which features 100% original products from the best international brands in Design and Architecture.

The portal for architects to download BIM and CAD files of real products

Launched in 2014, Bim.archiproducts.com allows brands to make available their CAD and BIM files to architects, who can enjoy unlimited free downloads. The Bim files are linked to the product sheet, the main gateway to gather all the information on the products and submit a specific request to the manufacturer.

The construction industry search engine

Edilportale.com is the first portal, created in 1999 by experienced engineers and architects and by the shared need to create a unique finder of building materials, companies in the sector and technical-legislative guidelines for design in Italy. Today it is the most consulted search engine for construction by Italian professionals and companies. It offers free information and free daily, updated and verified detailed regional editions, with research and geo-localized content theoretically profiled in the construction industry. A tool for designers and businesses to navigate between news updates, industry news, projects, events and competitions, notices and regulations. The heart of Edilportale is the products directory with data sheets, photo galleries, videos, catalogues, CAD blocks.

The architecture and design professional social network

Archilovers.com is the social network for architects and designers worldwide, a mix between Facebook and LinkedIn, designed for architects and designers and dedicated to the projects. It was presented in 2011 with a great launch party in Milan. A specialized and free international platform, where you can create your own professional profile or one for your own design firm or business. A place where you can post projects, connect with designers and architects. The social network for young professionals, but also for the large offices. Archilovers is the first online application in which you can tag the products used in the projects, linking them to the archiproducts.com database. It is a platform where you can create groups and company pages, publish photos and videos, add comments and view the photos in a full screen interactive gallery. Archilovers is also an App: contains all the functions of Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook, but it is dedicated to architects and to the project.

Architecture, design, interiors

Created in 2005, Archiportale is the online magazine of architecture and design, the undisputed reference in Italy, consulted annually by 3 million of architects, interior designers and home users, as a source of updated events, competitions, fairs, exhibitions and architecture. As well as the main dates in Italy and abroad, the biographies of architects and designers and the projects featured day by day, Archiportale proposes focus on various events, with exclusive content, thanks to the careful work of reporters and journalists. Appendix Archiportale the Blog Room, is a virtual bulletin board in which thousand of registered users publish their comments, articles, trips themes and videos.

Soluzioni modulari per il rivestimento e l'isolamento di superfici esterne ventilate, piane e verticali

Roofingreen was born in the city of Turin, Northern Italy, by an experienced team of professionals specializing in architecture, construction and design. Roofingreen acknowledges the current and future’s demanding market requirements and is able to address them with simple and creative answers. The basic idea of Roofingreen takes into account the requirements of sustainability in modern-day art of building, satisfying these needs with a set of modular solutions for the insulation and coating of ventilated surfaces, both flat and vertical. Each product is the result of a research and innovation work, that combines aesthetics and functionality in different application scenarios: from new construction to renovation and redevelopment, up to temporary exhibits. Roofingreen’s patented products are radically new, beautiful, easy to install and maintenance-free. A puzzle system that doesn’t need any binder and that revolutionizes the way to build and to live spaces. Roofingreen represents the essence of Italian made products at its very best: using technology to combine the beauty of the design with the demands for energetic efficiency.

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