Licht im Raum is a company with tradition. Founded in 1956 by Lisa and Johannes Dinnebier as a lighting agency, it has developed into one of Germany's leading lighting design company with its own production. With the five lighting collections Clip, Ocular, Stilio, Dione and White Moons, which are distributed worldwide, Licht im Raum provides a wide range of high quality, decorative lighting for residential and commercial sectors. In 2016, the company has obtained numerous renowned design awards for the White Moons lighting collection, with Daniel Klages as CEO and designer. All products by Licht im Raum are produced by the Dinnebier Licht manufactory in Wuppertal. Piece by piece. In classic handicraft. The manufactory which is run together with Licht im Raum is the company’s constructive origin. It is the direct connection to our site in Düsseldorf, where the complete range of products is presented and sold worldwide.

When Licht im Raum was founded by Johannes and Lisa Dinnebier in 1956, the lighting planner's job outline was almost unknown. First and foremost, light had to be bright and secondarily it had to represent status. What people thought of as good light in the mid 50s, were chandeliers for the most part. The new company had completely different ideas, though. For them, light was a means of design in archi-tecture in the first place. And only then a question of watt and volt. With Licht im Raum, young avantgarde architects like Egon Eiermann found kindred spirits with whom they could realize their ideas of lighting planning in its entirety. " We still feel obliged to the tradition to use light as a means of architectural design ", says Daniel Klages, Licht im Raum's present manager. "It is basically a side effect that the rooms get light afterwards." ... More ... less




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