Modugno / Italy

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Colorificio Marmoplast is a company which specializes in manufacturing and distributing a wide range of products for home and industrial use. The company’s strengths include producing high quality products at competitive prices and the constant research, led by specialized chemical engineers, for new items to satisfy the customers and their needs. We produce more than 140 products, all listed in our catalogue, from primers to resins for floors, to decorative paints. We also manufacture varnishes for wood, glass, stones, swimming pools and tennis courts. We are willing to produce a wider range of environment-friendly products like our new range of siloxanic varnishes and our eco-friendly and completely non-toxic water-borne decorative paints. Our company is a highlight for architects, builders and retailers in South Italy and we are planning to grow all over and overseas, thanks to our dynamic team. . ... More ... less

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