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The socket that hides the plug

This is Hide, the most innovative socket that plays hide-and-seek making every place stylish, comfortable and safe. The new series of power sockets distributed by 4 BOX can be customized with the customer’s logo, painted in the wall’s colour or even covered with wallpapers to achieve an incredible camouflage and personalization of external components. A clever new way to make your home functional and elegant at the same time.

Hide - Inside the wall

Thanks to its special patented ergonomic design, Hide is the first socket that installs completely inside the wall. Hide is composed by two elements: a box frame into an Italian standard mounting box (3 or 4 modules) into which the plugs are also fitted, and a flat sliding cover, sporting only 9 mm (0,35 in) from the wall’s surface. The cover slides covering the plugs completely. This makes the socket safer and also, unlike any other power outlet, leaves the entire wall free for use. Hide’s sliding cover can slide right-to-left or left-to-right, as the socket can be installed in any sense. Connectors are available for AC power, TV/SAT, telephone, audio and LAN.

Hide is smart

Hide is design, safety and ease-of-use in one single. "Space-saving" and "minimalism" are the keywords that make this extraordinary innovation a smart solution for your home. Beyond representing an aesthetic revolution, Hide is the right solution whenever the power socket is positioned behind furniture, desks and. Hide also allows to exploit the portion of the wall where the socket is installed. Any old socket can be easily replaced by Hide and the installation is easy to do without espenses.

Dimension and installation

HIDE is design

Details can often make the difference in décor. Hide can be easily customized to meet your style. Hide comes in white, dark grey and titanium grey. In addition to these standard colours, the cover tops can be painted in the wall’s colour or even covered with glass, fabric, wallpaper or any other coating that stimulates your imagination and creativity.

HIDE is safety

Not only ergonomics, design and technology. Hide makes the house safer, because it hides into the wall keeping electric contants out of the kids’ reach. The electrical outlet, you know, remains a charming mystery for children.
Hide has finally solved this issue.

All 4 BOX products bear the CE mark.
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