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Profilpas Design

A new line of profiles and skirting boards

Prolist Design

Chromium stainless steel S Design and anodized aluminium X Design, two new finishes for decorative listellos. New colors that allow a wide range of approaches, created for interior designers and architects, based on the latest trends in modern design.

Proangle Design

Chromium stainless steel S Design, and anodized aluminium X Design, new colors for the protection of the external corner. We create solutions for the color combinations of modern ceramic tiles.


M-Design is a range of finishing and connection profiles designed to define the ceramics with sharp cuts and clean lines. Dedicated to designers who like to solve in a minimal way the outside corners of ceramic and points of contact between floors and walls.

Proangle Design AX is an element of vertical closure, made of anodized aluminium or colour-coated which solves the edge, accentuating gracefully, the discontinuity between the walls.

Metal Line AF is an anodized aluminium or colour-coated element that marks the meeting point between floors and walls of the same or different nature. This gap is defined by an elegant shadow.

Metal Line AL is a closure element in colour-coated or anodized aluminum between floors and walls of the same or different level, delimiting the surfaces with a clean and rigorous sign.

Metal Line Design

The anodized aluminium I design. Modern colors and a nice satin finish for new skirting boards of the line Metal Line. The skirting board becomes an element of personalization integrated with the interior decoration.


C-Design is a line of profiles, embellished with Swarovski crystals. The combination of the chromium-plated trim and the crystal enhances the brightness of the lines and makes elegant any environment.

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Via A. Einstein, 38
35010 - Cadoneghe (PD)
Tel: +39 049 88 78 411 Fax: +39 049 70 66 92
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