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Sophisticated beauty of concrete

Design: David Karásek, mmcité, 2016

We enjoy referencing basic construction elements in our designs. Moreover, when you want to design a concrete-made piece of urban furniture, especially if it has to be light, a trussed beam is the right inspiration to opt for. Its maximum strength with minimum materials used spells efficiency. The material used is Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and it has little to do with traditional concrete. The monumental, almost three metres high piece of high-grade concrete shows its grace from afar. When observed closely, its intriguing and sophisticated geometrical lines come into play.

We refined the most inherent engineering beauty and carried it over to the landscape in a cultivated form. Construqta - simple looking yet sophisticated object is made from high quality UHPC as well as new Better waste bin, which offers unique design set suitable for placement either in an urban environment or in an interior installation.

More than two-and-a-half metres long bench can be placed separately, in a group of two or three, or it can be arranged into long lines. Small, integrated legs on its bottom side elevates not only the entire mass but the elegance of the installed piece of furniture as well. They also eliminate any potential unevenness of the surface it would stand on.

Simple yet sophisticated object is made from high quality concrete. The bench has a smooth surface that is not shiny. It comes in two shades mixed in the material. The bench is standardly supplied unanchored.

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