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Designed by James Van Vossel

Direct light, mystic glow

A burning sun sets over the sandy red horizon. An eclipse of fire and darkness slowly takes shape. And the glowing begins. It’s Hollow. Modular Lighting Instruments’ latest. Artist Charlotte De Cock tells of her interpretative piece on the Burning Man festival, inspired by Hollow’s mysterious light in an all-new video.

Hello, I’m Hollow. Invisible and visible in the same moment. A mystic glow one instant, defining light the next. There but not there. Hollow is never the same twice. Designed by James Van Vossel, Modular Lighting Instruments’ newest luminaire brings tactile sensations to the world of light. Hollow celebrates the tube by reinterpreting the classic shape and invites designers to touch and discover its light.

Light to the touch

A festival of art of light, Hollow’s design is a surprise waiting for you. Open, Hollow playfully extends a surface just a tinge. Its direct down or uplight establishing presence and casting light beautifully and powerfully. Closed, the playful luminaire transforms into a quiet, glowing cavity, one with its surface, with a slight, indirect light reflecting off the inner cup.

Can’t keep your hands off

Hollow is equipped with an extremely smooth rotation system that allows it to open up to a 90º angle. Or go for 60º or 45º or anything else in between. Play with the slender, adjustable and reversable tube to truly understand its versatile effects. Move Hollow around and create architectural highlights in special places. Open it and use its accent light to outline details. An evocative painting on the wall, an area on the ceiling, or an enigmatic chest guarding secrets. Close the tube flush with the surface and encounter interesting patterns to express.

Embracing warmth with colours

Hollow works beautifully as a recessed application, on the ceiling or wall, with a trim, or in a trimless version. With a slight raised edge, or blended with the surface, almost unseen.

But there’s more to play with, than meets the hand. Colours. Not just the colours of the actual cup and tube, but of the additional light source that reflects from Hollow’s inner curve. Complete the style of your expression with a perfectly visually integrated white cup offering an indirect but significant light effect. Introduce contrast on surfaces with a black cup, which will, at the same time, give the surprising effect of a very soft glow.

Open Hollow and let light be in the moment. Close it and witness the mesmerizing glow of distant, telling flames. Watch the new video and feel the warmth.

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