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EQUILIBRIO by Ceadesign

Bathrobe warmer and electric towel warmer

EQUILIBRIO is a towel warmer and electric bathrobe warmer, designed by Natalino Malasorti, that combines functionality, innovation, technology, sustainability and design in an exemplary way. As all CEA products, EQUILIBRIO is made of stainless steel: totally recyclable, ecological, longlasting, hygienic material. Its clean and linear forms demonstrate a profound knowledge of the language of design, which, by dialoguing with architecture, allow the designer and interior designer maximum stylistic and product combination freedom, leaving space for ideas to give shape to their creation.


Distinctive features of EQUILIBRIO are: its low voltage operation which makes it particularly safe even when installed in humid environments and in contact with water; its versatility of installation as it is the only electric towel warmer that can be positioned inside the shower or bathtub compartment; and finally, its energy-saving operation (10 or 20 Watt each element) which allows it to be used as a bath temperature mitigator even in mid-seasons.
EQUILIBRIO is a modular system composed of one or more elements available in two lengths (580 mm and 1060 mm), which can be installed both vertically and horizontally, available with or without ignition switch. Its universal built-in part determines the maximum modularity and/or repeatability. One element is added to the other with maximum creative freedom, giving life to a product that easily adapts to any environment, finding the right modularity depending on the space available and the needs of the project.


EQUILIBRIO is available in the standard satin and polished finish and in all CEA’s special finishes (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper and Light Gold) guaranteeing an ecological and biocompatible solution. These finishes are the result of careful research into colours, started back in 2011 and made possible by sustainable technology and processes which have allowed CEADESIGN to revolutionise steel coating. The charm and prestige of Black Diamond, the warmth of the intense tones of Copper, the bold strength of Bronze and the elegance of Light Gold become expressions of an identity, characteristic traits of a style, design tools able to convey moods and atmospheres for interior design.


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