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Chimera collection

designed by Elena Salmistraro for CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia

The Florim Group’s technological research coupled with Elena Salmistraro’s creative flair has resulted in “Chimera”, the new collection by the CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia (Made in Florim) brand. Offering a completely original expressive interpretation, the designer reinvents the ceramic product in a unique, individual way laden with symbolic meaning. Highly decorative, “Chimera” invites sensory enjoyment and the large porcelain stoneware slabs create a fantastic universe inspired by nature and the chimera of the “grotesque” tradition, featuring very tactile and striking carved or raised designs.

CHIMERA, in Greek mythology, was a hybrid four-legged creature that had the appearance of a lion and dragon with a goat’s head grafted onto its central trunk. The decorative inspiration behind the collection is based on this mythological beast, the result of the imaginary combination of different creatures.
Born in 1983, Elena Salmistraro once again confirms her talent as an artist and designer with incomparable communicative power. Large ceramic slabs are the perfect backdrop for her inspiration. Through a three-dimensional process made possible by innovative technology, the collection reproduces the texture of leathers and fabrics, creating an original, highly tactile layered effect.

“Chimera” develops four graphic themes (Empatia, Radici, Ritmo and Colore) with motifs that blend different graphic and colour codes. In Empatia clown faces are mixed with Art Déco graphic references; in Radici the textures of different types of leather are used; Ritmo features a dialogue between the texture of the fabric and the designs of Gunta Stölzl and Anni Albers; finally, Colore has a spotted base juxtaposed with the dense presence of repeated silhouettes. The collection’s range is completed by a series of neutral continuous coverings. The result is a set of original ceramic coverings laden with symbolic meaning.

Always on the lookout for new talents and projects designed to investigate the boundaries of ceramic and its encroachment into the realm of art and design, the CEDIT – Ceramiche d’Italia (made in Florim) brand has recognised Elena Salmistraro as a leading contemporary creative spirit.

“This collection is an introspective work” – explains the designer - “focusing on my life and the way I design. Chimera is like a book with four different chapters: I set out to differentiate these graphic motifs to create four totally different stories. The collaboration with CEDIT has been very stimulating; it was a wonderful challenge that allowed us, together, to create something new, experimental and fascinating".

Elena Salmistraro

Elena Salmistraro (Milano, 1983). She has her own highly distinctive style and focuses on the point where illustration, design and the visual arts meet, drawing on all three to shape a strongly extrovert expressive language that aims to speak directly to the emotions.
In 2017 she won the Salone del Mobile Milano Award as “Best emerging designer”. She works as designer and artist for a large number of corporations, including Apple, Disney, Vitra, Lavazza, Alessi, Bosa, De Castelli and Cc-Tapis, and her work has been exhibited over the years at many top galleries, such as Dilmos, Rossana Orlandi, Camp Design Gallery, Subalterno1 and Secondome.


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