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At Grok we aim to design a range of contemporary lighting products that are attractive and unconventional.

We understand that light has the capacity to affect our physical and emotional comfort, so it is essential to offer pieces to suit each space, activity and type of person.

At this point, we get involved in the entire creative process of our designers, adding value to their work as a way to achieving functional pieces that allow architects and interior designers to create unique atmospheres.

TUBS MODULAR by Nahtrang Disseny

Tubs Modular seeks ways to structure open spaces spatially, to create lattice shapes with air and light, and linear shapes that enhance the roominess of a space. A very visually appealing family, it plays with the lines within a space. As the piece takes shape, it becomes a living element capable of infinite expansion, but also be designed in smaller versions and adapted to smaller spaces. Tubs Modular is a highly flexible and technically sophisticated family of products, ensuring maximum user control within a slim profile.

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DEW by Yonoh

Dew explores light and ephemeral beauty: like dewdrops or spring rain. An organic and linear configuration shaped by a line of oval points of light connected by aluminium pieces at varying distances. This lamp features robust technical features, but still exudes artistic flair. Dew comes in both vertical and horizontal variations, making any combination and angle a possibility. Due to its finesse and versatility, it suits any kind of space as a composite lamp for halls, stairwells, foyers, etc.

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SHOEMAKER by Joel Karlsson

Shoemaker redefines classic lighting, providing powerful technical features. The felt shade brings warmth and reduces noise in a space. The smart lighting LED technology enables temperature and light intensity control, offering maximum visual comfort. This is why Shoemaker is the ideal solution for restaurants, offices and soft contract projects alike.

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TUBS by Nahtrang Disseny

Tubs is a wall fixture that plays with light, casting geometric shapes on your walls. The linear light source has a broad capacity for movement, providing the space with energy and character.

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