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Decorative finishes by Novacolor

The Joy Revolution: colors will change the world

When we talk about high quality decorative finishes, recognized and loved internationally, successful projects in the design and architecture sector at a global level, a production increasingly oriented towards sustainability and the green approach, we are talking about the universe of Novacolor and its Joy Revolution. Novacolor presents its joyful revolution, based on the awareness of every single gesture we make which, in the world of color, means research to obtain a new production system, whose environmental impact is minimal and permits to achieve high-performances and healthy products. Novacolor wants to create environments where mental and physical well-being takes priority.

Only by taking care of nature, we can defend life and make it more serene and in harmony with the rest of the planet. Nature infuses us with an intimate sense of peace to remind us of the little pleasures of childhood: from the games that used to fill our days to the ecstatic gaze in front of the spring colors. Today, more than ever, we need a Joy Revolution.

The collections

Rivestimenti decorativi Novacolor
Dune Opaco Decorative architectural trowel-on coating with matt metallic patterns. | Africa Decorative coating with metallic velvety effects.

Rivestimenti decorativi Novacolor
Florenzia Pure seasoned slaked lime for glossy finishes in interiors. | Metallo Fuso Liquid metal, real metal powder for horizontal and vertical interior surfaces.

Rivestimenti decorativi Novacolor
CalceCruda Decorative mineral coating for interiors and exteriors, formulated with purified clays and hydraulic lime.

Rivestimenti decorativi Novacolor
Archi+ Pietra Intonaco Mineral plaster coat in powder for interiors, formulated with hydraulic lime and a special gold mica.

Rivestimenti decorativi Novacolor
Mirror High-gloss mineral Venetian plaster for interiors.


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