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One-Infinity-One by Reaxing

The first all-in-one station for fitness, sport and rehab

One-Infinity-One is the first multi-station with the innovative technology SDI Sudden Dynamic Impulse, created by Reaxing Advanced Lab to reach better results in less time. Infinite workout possibilities for Fitness & Wellness and Sport & Rehab: cardio, toning, strength, neuro-functional, proprioceptive and congnitive training. All-in-One, in only 4 sqm.

All-in-one Reaxing

One-Infinity-One incorporates in only 4 sqm:

Proprioceptive treadmill - The only treadmill in the world which simulates off-road running with dynamic & destabilizing impulses for a more effective and engaging experience of movement.

Proprioceptive Platform - The first “Smart Floor” that destabilizes any movement with an innovative training to reach the highest neuromuscular level of intensity.

Cognitive lights - A revolutionary lights system designed to develop interactive training programs, world’s first tool in terms of versatility, engaging and user-friendliness.

Neurofunctional training - A large range of tools able to accelerate the results in a new dimension of functional training, thanks to a complete involvement of sensorial, neural and muscolar systems.

REAXING AREAX - layout examples

HOME ROOM - A complete fitness area at home

A complete workout station, where you can have a top level training without leaving your home.

  • All-in-one Reaxing
  • All-in-one Reaxing
  • All-in-one Reaxing

HOTEL & RESORT - A distinctive touch of elegance

Bring the most innovative training equipment into your luxury space, to offer the better experience of workout with the distinctive touch of pure italian design.

All-in-one Reaxing
All-in-one Reaxing

CLUB ZONE - More workout options to satisfy more customers

A multiporpouses equipment ready for PT session, small groups, VIP areas, circuit training, self-use or assisted workout.

All-in-one Reaxing
All-in-one Reaxing

PT STUDIO - A boost for your professionality

A real work partner usable with more clients in same time: multiple choice, never-ending combinations to emphasize each professional profile.

All-in-one Reaxing
All-in-one Reaxing

OFFICE SPACE - A productive way of work

A solution to care the health of staff with an innovative workout station created to obtain more energy, focus and productivity.

All-in-one Reaxing
All-in-one Reaxing

360° and 180° space solutions

360° - CENTERPIECE - up to 8 users

With 360 ° solutions you can use One-infinity-One using all the space around it to train from one to 8 people at the same time.

All-in-one Reaxing
All-in-one Reaxing
PRO 2 – SPORT & REHAB VERSION - 360° Solution

180° - WALL MOUNTED - up to 5 users

With 180° solutions you can use One-infinity-One using the space in front or on the side of it to train from one to 5 people at the same time.

All-in-one Reaxing
All-in-one Reaxing
PRO 2 - SPORT & REHAB VERSION - 180° Solution


COVID FREE - The only training station with self-sanitizing system

At the end of any session, it is possible to carry out an automatic Ozone sanitisation in only 8 minutes that makes One-Infinity-One usable again in complete safety. No toxic or pollutant residue and no use of detergents or chemical additives: 100% Natural & Ecological, the self-sanitising system guarantee the total sanitization of environments and surfaces with ANTI-COVID efficiently.

All-in-one Reaxing

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