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Smart Living Vitrum Design

Home automation with style

With Vitrum Design it is possible to combine the latest generation of home automation with unique and made in Italy design, for a simply inimitable style.

VitrumThe clean, modern design embraces the delicacy of the glass. Vitrum Design Tech is renewed to add character to contemporary and technological environments.
VitrumForm, light and sound combine to create a unique use. Elegant, sinuous and linear like shapes found in nature. Simple and universal, fusing form and movement.
VitrumRock is slenderised, stripped of its imperfections and sharp edges. The luminous circle is replaced by a precise laser incision that makes the control identifiable by touch.
VitrumTransparency, brilliance, luminosity: Glass is where the concept of Vitrum Design originates and finds its primordial expression. The result is totally unique.


The functions with Vitrum Design home automation systems (Cloud and KNX) are almost endless, the creation of automatisms and scenarios allows you to customize your home and its functions, even remotely. To experience Home in your own way.

Set the scenery for a gentle awakening with natural light.
Automate garden and house lights based on sunrise and sunset.
Remote management and automatisms for temperature control in each room.

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