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Qi Mobile, Vertical

Mobile Magnetic whiteboard

Qi Mobile is a mobile magnetic whiteboard from VERTICAL.‎
Qi Mobile is a front and back drywipe glass whiteboard with four large-diameter lockable wheels that make the board exceptionally easy to move, but also very stable once in position.‎


A special anti-scratch coating for the wheels lets them slide around easily without damaging even the most delicate of surfaces.‎


Qi Mobile whiteboards are minimalist, but functional, available in a range of colours that can easily be combined to create expansive working areas or functional room partitions between different office sections, adding colour and design to any environment.‎


At the end of the day, they can easily be stacked away neatly, one next to another, in a small, tucked away space.‎


brilliant and unalterable colours over time.‎ The surface is glossy, does not stain and can be cleaned with a sponge.‎
it is a single sheet of toughened safety glass coupled to a steel sheet.‎
The 5mm thickness makes it resilient and safe.‎
the steel sheet makes the surface magnetic:
hang photos, notes, clippings, scraps and drawings with neodymium magnetic clips.‎

horizontal or vertical, single or double, it has a clean and elegant design.‎ The few millimetres that separate it from the wall give the impression of it floating in the void, creating a new concept of creative space.‎ MOBILE:
four large-diameter wheels equipped with safety brake ensure excellent stability.
it is environmentally-friendly as well.‎ Just simple and natural materials: glass and steel, an innovative object that replaces paper.‎


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