Flexible Solutions for Kids’s Bedrooms

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Flexible Solutions for Kids’s Bedrooms
23/07/2020 - A place for sleeping and playing can also be a place for learning and growing up. Children’s bedrooms should be comfortable, multi-functional and responsive to the changing needs of children during their development.

Flexibility is key when it comes to optimizing spaces. Transformable furniture offers many solutions that allow you to make full use of the space available and, being highly adaptable, will save you headache and money in the long run. Clei has been exploring the potentials of transformable furniture since 1963. Today the company can offer an entire range of exciting and highly functional furniture for kids’ bedrooms as well. Clei, Ambiente Young 01

Clei, Ambiente Young 01

Functionality depends on the minimum size that a room must have to accommodate for example the needs of two people, or 14 square meters (criterion also established by art. 2 of the Ministerial Decree of July 5th, 1975). Transformable furniture solutions can hold everything you need in a single storage wall, all tidy and always at hand.

For narrow and long rooms, where saving space at the center is crucial, Clei offers complete solutions such as Ambiente Young 01 which includes the Kali Board system and combines bedroom and study. Comprising a desk and a comfortable foldaway bed, this transforming system allows to convert the study into a bedroom in one simple movement, and without the user having to remove anything from the desk which pivots and slots in horizontally underneath the bed. Clei, Kali Board

Clei, Kali Board

A fitting complement to Kali Board is Miguel, a chaise longue with reclining backrest that can be stored under the bed when not needed. Clei, Miguel

Clei, Miguel

But what if three beds are needed? With Ambiente Young 05 Clei has a solution which, during the day, leaves plenty of room for the kids to move freely through their room. When bedtime arrives Kali Due Board and Altea Sofa enter the stage.

Kali Due Board is a transformable system with a large desk and foldaway bunk bed which, with a simple movement, transforms the study into a bedroom. When the lower bed is opened, the desk lowers with a tilting movement and is positioned under the bed. Clei, Kali Duo Board

Clei, Kali Duo Board

Altea Sofa is a transformable system with a foldaway bed and a sofa. When the bed is opened, the sofa moves back and disappears without having to be moved. Clei,. Altea Sofa

Clei,. Altea Sofa

In furnishing a children's room, in addition to the arrangement of the beds, the study area plays a fundamental role. If it is a shared room, it is necessary to have two comfortable desks that respond to the individual needs. One solution are folding or retractable desks integrated into other elements of the room. A fine example is Cabrio In proposed in Ambiente Young 10: a single bed, with a large and comfortable desks that can be raised when not needed and, hence, is not occupying other corners of the room that can be used for other purposes. Clei, Cabrio In

Clei, Cabrio In

A combination of transformable elements which only take up space when they are really needed, leaves plenty of room for playing, learning or relaxing. The kids’ bedroom thus becomes a multipurpose space, which practically means that you are adding a room to your home!

Clei on Archiproducts.comClei, Ambiente Young 10

Clei, Ambiente Young 10

Clei, Ambiente Young 10

Clei, Ambiente Young 10

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