Henzel Studio @ Blå Hallen

A unique venue dedicated to showcase the best in Swedish design, arts and crafts

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Henzel Studio @ Blå Hallen
14/07/2020 - Henzel Studio is pleased to participate in the summer exhibition program at Blå Hallen. Blå Hallen is a unique venue dedicated to showcase the best in Swedish design, arts and crafts. 

Blå Hallen is located in Höganäs, part of Greater Copenhagen and home to some of the biggest innovators and pioneers of Swedish decorative arts. The tradition of Swedish Arts and Crafts is central to the practice of of Henzel Studio Founder Calle Henzel, who spent considerable time in the Southern part of Sweden. It is where he was introduced to the tradition of textile handcraft and explored ways of translating his artwork into rugs. On view will be rugs Calle Henzel has designed in collaboration with come of the most notable contemporary artists working today.

Sanford Biggers, Scott Campbell, Bjarne Melgaard, Tony Oursler and Jack Pierson. These artists are all part of Henzel Studio Collaborations, an ongoing program of artist designed rugs by more than thirty artists and artists’ estates, curated by Swedish-native, now Los Angeles-based, Joakim Andreasson.

Also on view in partnership with Frozen Palms Gallery, will be a series of editions by German artist ROBERT KNOKE, featuring portraits he has created over the past 15 years. The limited edition prints are considered as "revisited" versions of his original works, repurposed for the media at hand. Subjects of Knoke’s portraiture featured in this series include Terence Koh, Lawrence Weiner, Kembra Pfahler, The Kills and AA Bronson.

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