How to Create a Multipurpose Room on 30sqm?

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How to Create a Multipurpose Room on 30sqm?
09/07/2020 - How to strike a balance between comfort and utility on 30 square meters? An abundance of space is hard to come by these days. To arrange and optimize small spaces may seem a difficult task, but it’s not impossible.

'Limited space' is not inevitably synonymous with 'inconvenience'. Indeed, since ancient times human beings have often sought the safety, intimacy and comfort of small spaces.

Over the last years the trend to ever larger and more articulated spaces has practically reversed itself. Contributing factors have been new lifestyles, new work requirements and important social aspects as changes in the family structure.

Living on a few square meters means to economize the available space and to leave nothing to chance. A well-conceived project is the key. As a company that has been exploring the potentials of transformable furniture since the early 1960s, Clei offers a whole range of highly adaptable solutions. Clei, Oslo Divano

Clei, Oslo Divano

With Clei’s thoroughly thought out furniture systems it is possible to transform a modest open space apartment of only a few square meters into a suite with kitchen, dining room, parlor bedroom, office and, if need be, a spare room for unexpected guests.

The real challenge is to arrange the available space in a dynamic and adaptable way that allows to answer to the most various needs, often literally with a flick of the wrist. With Clei it takes only a few moves to transform a living room into a kitchen, or a bedroom into an office.

One of the most versatile solutions from Cleis transformable furniture range is Ambiente 10. With minimum space requirements (30 sqm) it comprises kitchen, dining room, living and bedroom. Clei, Kitchen Box

Clei, Kitchen Box

Kitchen Box is a concealed mini-kitchen that can be use with Clei's Living & Young System range. It doubles in size with a simple movement. On not even 4 square meters it provides the necessary space for all your kitchen utensils. Clei, Kitchen Box

Clei, Kitchen Box

It works great with Girò, a folding console table that can become a dining table for 4, or a comfortable writing desk. Clei, Girò

Clei, Girò

Closed, it measures as little as 35 cm in depth. On less than 5 linear square meters it can also be combined with the transformable Oslo Divano, a convertible sofa with foldaway double bed, and with Tetris and components of the Living & Young System range. Switching between living room and bedroom has never been easier. Clei, Oslo Divano + Tetris

Clei, Oslo Divano + Tetris

Further, Ambiente 10 can be equipped with a series of multi-functional modules: Wally, which also fits the Living & Young System range, is a container that facilitates home working. With a depth of only 15 cm and an integrated desk with flap opening, it can be both a writing desk and a dining table. When it’s not needed, just close it and enjoy the additional space. Clei, Wally

Clei, Wally

With transformable furniture that can be operated like pop-up objects it’s a breeze to make the most of small spaces and transform a single room into a mini-apartment that combines comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Thanks to Clei transformable furniture there is no need to compromise.

CLEI on Archirproducts.comClei, Ambiente 10

Clei, Ambiente 10

Clei, Ambiente 10

Clei, Ambiente 10

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