Kundalini presents its new logo

kdln: a compact and strong mark designed by VZNstudio

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Kundalini presents its new logo
21/07/2020 - New logo and new image for Kundalini. The Italian lighting design company translates its identity and its style into a compact and strong mark, incisive and contemporary: kdln. Visual and phonetic synthesis of the original name, almost to capture the essence of a business that has deeply changed and matured over the 25 years of its journey into lighting. To communicate to the company’s public – planners, designers, and architects – with an effective and modern language. To increase functionality, the kdln logo is completed by the graphic symbol of the dot, a reference to light, which, taking on different colours, becomes an additional distinctive element.
In the new image, designed by Sonia Mion and Nicola Iannibello’s VZNstudio, kdln coexists with Kundalini, to express continuity between past experience and current evolution. The font, appropriately redesigned by the studio, is in a bold and small version, to avoid monolithic effects and convey a feeling of softness and rigor – just like Kundalini lamps. The company works with emerging and established designers, with whom it shares authentic inspiration and extraordinary creativity.
The common thread among the different projects is the unusual association between past and present. Techniques, materials, and shapes of other eras are reinterpreted with a sophisticated, absolutely modern and original vision. Like the new 2020 products, presented in the forthcoming catalogue. Viceversa, sculpture lamps that can accommodate botanical elements, designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. Floed, visually striking wall lamp designed by Storagemilano. Nami Wall, designed by Alberto Saggia & Valerio Sommella, wall version that joins the pendant model for a more versatile and complete offer.
'For us, renewing the image and above all the logo means to visually express our current identity. In 25 years of experience, the company has undergone great changes, becoming a point of reference in the market. A solid business, with great attention to quality and research and a precise and unmistakable style. And the sophisticated and modern soul of Kundalini is fully reflected in the new logo', said Stefano Bordone, president of Kundalini.


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