Martini Interiors Launches the New Website

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Martini Interiors Launches the New Website
29/11/2019 - Now officially online, the new Martini Interiors website,, has been given a makeover throughout, with simple, appealing, user-friendly graphics designed to help visitors explore the numerous proposals on offer from the Veneto interior design brand.

Available in Italian, English, French and Russian, has a simple, linear, innovative style, teaming the primarily white and grey tones with high-definition images that highlight the quality of the products.

The main menu has been radically reorganised on the new website, featuring, on the one hand, the Company and Expertise area, dedicated to the brand’s history and the distinctive approach adopted by Martini since day one, and on the other, the News area, designed to keep visitors constantly up to date on the latest developments regarding the company and its products. Finally, the Projects area has been completely renewed, and users can now look for a specific product by applying filters to their search based on categories (Wardrobes and Walk-in Closets, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living Areas, Doors, Dining Rooms, Home Offices, Bedrooms) and styles (Classic, Contemporary and Luxury), or by specifying the type of finish (Chestnut, Cherry Wood, Eucalyptus, Lacquered, Walnut, Rosewood and Oak) or door desired. The new features on the website also include the area dedicated to the Martini showroom, officially opened last year in the heart of Verona, with the possibility to make an appointment to visit this exclusive location. has been designed in a Linux environment, in Ajax, in PHP language, and is supported by an MySql relational database. The design has an html5/css structure throughout, with responsive technology to adapt to all devices and formats in use with today’s technologies.

Once again, Martini has responded to the need for innovation, without neglecting the importance of remaining faithful to its origins, and this time the result is a website that has been comprehensively renewed and is a perfect expression of the brand’s philosophy, based on the quality craftsmanship that has always been its hallmark, together with a forward-looking approach.
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