Metal Art on Stage. Planium in 4 Finishes

Four classic Planium finishes, protagonists of this scenario

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Metal Art on Stage. Planium in 4 Finishes
12/06/2020 - On a dark and shady background, four light points seem to break out of the context, four large metal plates; each one emerges for its intrinsic chromatic timbre and for its particular and refined surface processing, which further highlights its characteristics: Planium in 4 finishes.

Brushed Copper Planium is the first of the finishes on display not to be forgotten, if we consider that brushing gives the metal the quality of shine and color, which is precisely copper, and you can see the swirling waves typical of the brushing; where instead the satin finish adjusts in a more orderly sense the second of the four plates, a cold, elegant, vertical, slightly hieratic stainless steel, wonderful in the contrast with the background; Canvas, that is the double satin finish, makes the third foil a real cult object, Brass: like a precious woven fabric with an ancient character, further enhanced by a golden color. Brass, which in itself has a green note inside that makes it 'cold' compared to gold, thanks to the double satin finish acquires a more elaborate and warm color, less bright but more welcoming.

To complete the idyll, and somehow to close it, Calamine on the right naturally lends itself to an already artistic conception. Why? For a combination of colors that generates an iridescent tint, changeable over time, which occurs spontaneously in it. The dominion of Blue as of Anthracite, however, leaves room for the Air Force Blue, even a Magenta background perceptible in some points: a varied and 'complex' metal, to be discovered with a careful look...


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