Planium Metal for the Interior Design Projects

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Planium Metal for the Interior Design Projects
09/07/2020 - Many times we consider metal as the protagonist in the history of Art and Architecture for the contribution it provides in external devices and this is correct: it gives us suggestions to imagine possible worlds through its colors and its brightness. Today, however, metal also wants to play a role in interior design, especially as regards the way it contributes to enriching the interior, by approaching furnishing elements ... or by configuring itself as such when it becomes a coating.

A Material with an Ancient Charm 
In any case, the 'revenge' of metal in Interior Design, which has been deeply perceived in the last five years at least, also passes through its certain rough, ancestral character, with a slightly medieval flavor. Certainly valid for furnishing accessories, metal is however in more 'squared' shapes also used for coverings, with a decorative function: just imagine what potential the synergy of colors has alongside that such as of bronze and calamine , copper and steel.

Its Reinterpretation in a Contemporary Key: the Industrial Style
From an aesthetic point of view, furnishing with metal means, implicitly, spreading a sense of minimalism, of design reduced to the essential, which also gives a perception of rigor to the whole. Metal is also almost eternal: with minimal maintenance it has a very long life, eternal if you think about how much you can recycle it, and this is also one of the reasons why it was chosen in what is called 'the industrial style '.

Game of Light and Color
In addition to not having an 'impressive' physical footprint, metal also has a point of favor for how it is managed on the 'games' of light: depending on the treatment that Planium reserves for it, in fact, metal can have a different brightness and materiality, which in turn obviously influences its aesthetics. the brushed metal, for example, has a higher gloss character than the satin one which, however, is more sophisticated to the touch and also for chromatic reasons because it alternates light and dark, shadow and light. And this can be true for different metals: steel, be it stainless steel or oxidized, and also the iridescent copper with its alloys obtained with tin or zinc, that is the 'gilded' bronze and brass.

The Importance of the Installation
Laying with Planium is a matter of speed, but also of reversibility: with dry laying, alternatives to traditional models, the brand invests in environmental sustainability, avoiding the need for the use of glues and silicones, speeding everything up and making it more suitable to the surrounding environment. The AP01 Lay Floor support laying - the fastest ever -, the one-click of PL01 Invisible, the 'mechanics' of SM02 Evolution with visible angular screws and the magnetic of MG01 Magnetic Floor are therefore available.

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Planium Metal for the Interior Design Projects

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