The Edilportale Marketplace is rapidly growing. Today, construction materials are bought (and sold)

Edilportale is increasingly becoming a multichannel e-commerce site that is changing the rules of traditional resales

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The Edilportale Marketplace is rapidly growing. Today, construction materials are bought (and sold)
To extend the opportunities offered by the digital transformation to the world of construction, one year ago Edilportale chose to focus on the Marketplace by launching the first e-commerce site selling products for construction and architecture. Now, with 7 million items and more than 500 manufacturers - including Mapei, Knauf, Eclisse, Bosch, Fassa Bortolo and Basf - Edilportale's Marketplace has established itself in the digital arena as a reference point for the purchase and sale of materials for construction and renovation works.

The online company also speaks to the world of retailers thanks to the support of two large Italian reselling consortia: BigMat Italia and Made Group, the partners who have chosen to invest in the Marketplace by involving a network of over 500 retailers, of which 60 are already active on Edilportale.

On the Marketplace, builders, businesses and professionals can choose and make purchases by evaluating the best offer in terms of proximity, availability and supply times. Once the online order has been placed, the user can choose to receive the goods at home or on the construction site, or to collect it in one of the sales points located throughout Italy (Pick-Up Point option). The logistics are managed by Edilportale's team of Architects and Engineers, which, in addition to offering a professional consultancy and technical assistance service, organises shipments and deliveries through partners specialised in the transportation of building materials and equipment.

Among the challenges faced by Edilportale, the biggest was certainly to overcome the resistance to online sales on the part of those involved in the construction industry. Because, as Maurizio Alfieri, co-founder of Edilportale, explains, “producers and retailers have a dual vision of e-commerce. On the one hand, it is seen as a 'threat' to the balances that regulate supply and demand in the area. On the other hand, it offers retailers a great opportunity to expand their range and commercial network. This is an advantage that is consequently reflected back on the manufacturer.'

To simplify the transition from the traditional resale network to a digital distribution, Edilportale offers retailers the opportunity to request and customise their own e-commerce platform. This tool that communicates with the Marketplace perfectly, giving retailers the opportunity to sell on both their website and on the e-commerce site for construction. 'It is a way to maximise the retailer's visibility and help them take advantage of all the benefits of the online dimension,' says Ferdinando Napoli, CEO of Edilportale. 'The dynamics of the building industry and the link between the manufacturer, the retailer and the company must not be overlooked by e-commerce, but rather enhanced, implemented and simplified.'

In this way, retailers can take advantage of a 'digital channel' to streamline and speed up 'real' sales processes. Just one click not only offers the possibility of synchronising thousands of price lists by 'fishing' then from the Edilportale databases, but also of exporting and synchronising them across external marketplacessuch as Google Shop and Amazon. In addition, the retailer can choose to 'open' a virtual outlet on their own platforms, where they can include out-of-stock products, apply special offers and get rid of products left in stock.

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