Timeless, Refreshing and Bold

Koket wears Classic Blue

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Timeless, Refreshing and Bold
11/02/2020 - The Pantone Color of the Year 2020 is out and the Classic Blue selection is timeless, refreshing, and bold yet understated. Statement furnishings by KOKET dressed in Classic Blue is a glamourous match made in heaven. A perfect way to fill a home with confident and comforting vibes.
Each KOKET design is crafted by master artisans and jewelers in Portugal who leave no detail or element forgotten. The brand’s empowering statement pieces are a perfect match for this timeless and bold color.
Some may look at the classic hue and think drab and sad, but we absolutely should not! Simultaneously vibrant and humble Classic Blue evokes confidence, inclusion and reassuring feelings of security.
Kelly Sofa, KOKET

Kelly Sofa, KOKET

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