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The Swiss benches form part of a new class of products that Bd has named the Transit Furniture Concept.‎ They can be installed as well inside or outside.‎ Furnish a public park, an airport terminal or a shopping mall.‎ The outline of the Catalano bench is the most comfortable possible for a public bench.‎ Tusquets and Clotet adopted it from the one designed by Antoni Gaudí for the Park Güell in Barcelona, because they considered it to be beyond improvement.‎ The design of the perforations in the metal sheet is another of the novelties of The Swiss benches.‎ You could say it was a triple novelty, because Häberli has created three special shapes in steel for this project.‎ Flowers, Stars and Points, made-to-measure variations that multiply the options offered by this series of public benches which offers also a more simple and economical version, Basic.‎ They adopt their comfortable outline as well as all the advantages of perforated sheet metal: transparency, so that they do not dominate spaces, avoidance of water accumulating on them and even coolness in summer.‎

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