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AQUAMOON ATT By Dornbracht


Chuveiro com 4 jato embutido redonda


de metal

Ano de Design

Aquamoon ATT - Individual shower experience in a new dimension.‎
Pre-set water choreographies
AQUAMOON ATT as an electronic version represents the top of the product concept of the entire AQUAMOON family.‎ In addition to the three flow modes TEMPEST, AQUA CIRCLE and QUEEN'S COLLAR, AQUAMOONATT is optionally available with the fourth flow mode EMBRACE.‎
Different lighting scenarios (MOON, EARTH and SUN) can be controlled either in combination with the individual flow modes or completely independently of water use.‎ In addition, various signature treatments - specially developed, pre-set light and water choreographies - can be initiated automatically.‎ In combination with the fragrance component additionally integrated into the Signature Treatments and the minimalist design of the dome, the shower experience is raised to a new level.‎

*Product not available for the US market.‎

The Adventure - Experience & Sensation
The effect of water on the body is extended by the mental and spiritual experience.‎ AQUAMOONATT is the intensification of the Bliss experience with sensations such as relaxation, refreshment or security through the combination of water, light and scent.‎ AQUAMOONATT is a highly individual shower experience that touches the senses emotionally.‎

People feel a growing longing for balance and life energy.‎ AQUAMOONATToffers the opportunity to escape everyday life for a while.‎ You let go - and draw new energy.‎ The daily shower thus becomes the ultimate retreat, providing new life energy through very personal, deep relaxation moments.‎ Here you can be with yourself, let your thoughts run free, switch off, relax and recharge your batteries.‎

The preservation of one's own health becomes more and more important - AQUAMOONATT offers a multi-sensory experience which significantly supports the conservation of physical and mental health.‎ A natural interplay of water, light and scent opens up a broad spectrum of experiences for body and mind.‎

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