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de tecido, de madeira

Based on  innovation , new trends and naturalism, Portuguese and international designers Nuno Barbosa, Aitor Garcia Vicuña, David Carlesi, Gianluca Tonelli and Giacomo Cattani have developed new lines called Karma, Globe, Tao, Bombom, Soft, Bette and Elícia, that will be presented for the first time at this show.
Eclectic models with organic rules and elegant notes, light wood colours prevail, alluding to natural and earth. In fabrics, predominant colours are blue and lime, as well as cork, and woods selected are Beech and ash.
Simple,  chic and noble materials build up a variety of effects which define Fenabel’s whole space.
Karma, Elicia and Bombom Models are presented as innovations in shape and upholstery, and they propose a new version of comfort.
With sustainability as a main reference, since Fenabel is an FSC certified company, the noblest of Fenabel’s materials will have great prominence in collections such as  Tao, Bette, Soft and  Globe, a more natural and minimalistic line.

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