Olympia Ceramica VINYL Móvel lavatório único de ferro com porta toalha


VINYL | Móvel lavatório único By Olympia Ceramica


Móvel lavatório único de ferro com porta toalha

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Futuristic but at the same time romantic and nostalgic, simply in one word: unique.‎ We are going to present Vinyl, the latest creation by Gianluca Paludi, artistic director and designer at Olympia Ceramica.‎

Observing it, you will have in front of you an authentic musical console from the 1980’s: the recessed basin is like the DJ turntable on which sits a priceless vinyl, the mixer is like the arm for switching on the music on a record player and it consists of a stylus.‎ The two handles for volume control become the regulators for water pressure and temperature.‎ The furniture console, completed by the storage drawer, hosts a music amplifier linked by Bluethoot, with the small holes on the front indicating the speaker location.‎

The total structure, that it is possible to create using different colors, houses a tempered glass shelf, a towel rail and a comfortable leather bag suitable for containing the different kinds of accessories.‎ The LED mirror reveals lights both on the higher and on the lower side, with the latter replicating the music equalizer image.‎

Vinyl: for those that appreciate nostalgia, the years of the legends, or for those who wants to race to the future but keeping an eye on the traditions, on the rhythm, on the entertainment from the funniest decades ever.‎

The composition contains:
- Mirror
- Mixer
- Top
- Washbasin
- Mobile console
- Acoustic diffuser
- Siphon

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