Royal Botania WAVE

Cama de rede em Batyline®

  • Design by Erik Nyberg, Gustav Ström
  • Coleção Wave
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Cama de rede em Batyline®


em Batyline®

The WAVE hammock was designed by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Strom and is manufactured by Royal Botania, using only the finest craftsmen and the most luxurious materials.‎ The hammock was launched at The Hotel Show in Dubai in June 2008, where it received huge attention and design acclaim.‎  At Europe’s major design Fair MAIDON&OBJECT Outdoor/Indoor, WAVE was given pride of place at the show to recognise the uniqueness of its design.‎ It is seen as a piece of outdoor furniture in a category of its own as it is neither a hammock, sun chair or umbrella.‎ It is a piece of considered artwork that combines functionality with beauty and elegance and all those who see it, seem immediately to want to own one.‎  The WAVE continued its success in Paris 2008 stopping many visitors in their tracks, making them smile, point and comment on the beauty and elegance.‎ It has achieved unprecedented levels of coverage and clinched both of the shows two design prizes Les Decouvertes for creativity, innovation execution and quality, and Coup doe Coeur, for the shows favourite design item.‎  WAVE was selected as the favourite product at MAISON&OBJECT by several magazines such as Le Ligaro Madame, Marie Claire Maison, Architectural Design, Connaissances des Arts and Made in Design.‎ Not to mention the online coverage through out the world.‎  WAVE is built using electro-polished stainless steel and 2 types of perforated fabric, one for the upper roof section and another for the seated area.‎  

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