Ceramica Cielo Launches the Virtual Product Configurator

A new tool to create and customise the bathroom

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Ceramica Cielo Launches the Virtual Product Configurator
03/07/2020 - Ceramica Cielo presents the  virtual product configurator: the new tool available on the company’s website that allows you to create, customise and preview bathroom furnishing solutions that helps you achieve the bathroom of your dreams in just a few clicks.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the 3D graphic configurator, Ceramica Cielo provides architects, designers and end customers with a useful and intuitive tool, which makes it possible to play with different styles and personalise the brand’s iconic collections – designed by the Art Directors Andrea Parisio, Giuseppe Pezzano - to the maximum, selecting colours, materials, mirrors and accessories, enabling you to see the products in the many available combinations and to imagine it inside your home.

The new online configurator not only gives shape to projects, allowing you to choose from the infinite possibilities offered by Cielo’s rich portfolio of finishes, but also enriches the virtual and physical experience of the user, allowing you to have a summary of the products chosen for the purchase – complete with images, codes, descriptions of finishes and detailed information – thus simplifying the realisation of the order at the retailers’ points of sale.

With its approach to the digital world through such a profound and articulated project, Ceramica Cielo confirms its aptitude for researching innovative solutions and services capable of enhancing not only the product in all its forms, but also the cosmopolitan style and distinctive identity of the brand.

Innovation is one of the elements that has always been part of our DNA: at the product level, as early as 2013 we were the first company in the world to undertake stylistic and design research that gave birth to the invention of colour in bathroom furnishings with the Terre di Cielo colour range. This research continues today with the global launch of Acque di Cielo, the new exclusive palette of glossy colours”, comments Alessio Coramusi, CEO of Ceramica Cielo. “In terms of services, the new online configurator is the latest of the cutting-edge tools that we have designed to offer more benefits to customers in an increasingly multi-channel perspective. The goal is to guarantee “limitless” design in the pursuit of maximum customisation, always enhancing aesthetics thanks to our design collections with attention to the smallest details and made with the best handmade ceramics in Italy.”

Ceramica Cielo on ARCHIPRODUCTSCeramica Cielo Launches the Virtual Product Configurator

Ceramica Cielo Launches the Virtual Product Configurator

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