Two New Projects by Officine Gullo

From Blue Black to Burnished Brass: tailor-made kitchens with a retro mood

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Two New Projects by Officine Gullo
30/07/2020 - In Sweden, Officine Gullo has crafted two projects, both of which have stemmed from a partnership with Scandinavian interior design company Himlekök: Blue Black and Burnished Brass, and Ultramarine Blue and Burnished Brass.  Officine Gullo_ Black Blue & Burnished Brass

Officine Gullo_ Black Blue & Burnished Brass

An elegant private residence in Askim, Sweden, is home to the new Blue Black and Burnished Brass kitchen project by Officine Gullo. This modern and refined tailor-made kitchen design is a product of the meticulous artisanal partnership between Officine Gullo and Himlekök. The kitchen space consists of a cooking block, workspace with wash area and an elegant, rounded island. The burnished brass of the finishes, cooktop and washbasin by Officine Gullo stands out on the solid wooden structure produced in Himlekök’s joinery workshop and painted in Blue Black. Officine Gullo_ Black Blue & Burnished Brass

Officine Gullo_ Black Blue & Burnished Brass

The cooking block is made up of a professional cooktop with 4 burners and a coup de feu. A multifunction oven and microwave with food warmer are located on one side of the island. All the cooking elements, made exclusively in noble metals, are capable of professional performance, yet are manufactured according to the principles of household ergonomics to be used at home with the utmost convenience on a daily basis. The semi built-in washbasin with double sink and burnished brass front rod is the result of skilful technique. As for all Officine Gullo creations, every project can be fully personalized, from the dimensions to the composition of the cooktop, engraving on the handles and colours. Every detail is a result of research and craftsmanship, and the cooking equipment is the same found in top restaurant kitchens. Officine Gullo_ Black Blue & Burnished Brass

Officine Gullo_ Black Blue & Burnished Brass

In the luxurious and elegant Pigalle boutique hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, Officine Gullo has installed a cooking range from its Restart collection. The range, based on research into the design and furnishings of old Florentine villas, fits perfectly with Himlekok’s eclectic and elegant design. Like the Restart cooking range, the kitchen fixtures derive from craftsmanship. The cooktop and island are entirely handcrafted in oak, painted in Ultramarine Blue (RAL 5002) with burnished brass details, and in Guatemala Green Indian marble for the surfaces. The Restart 90 cm cooking range fits into the workspace; it is painted in Ultramarine Blue with burnished brass finishes, in line with the remainder of the kitchen. Officine Gullo_ Ultramarine Blue & Burnished Brass

Officine Gullo_ Ultramarine Blue & Burnished Brass

The range consists of a multifunction electric oven with a grill and cooling fan, electric spit roast, thermostat and analogue LCD programmer. The retro-style brass door enriches the adjacent space with classic and warm tones. The cooktop has 5 high-performance burners with safety valves and cast iron grills. A dome-shaped hood crafted entirely in steel stands above the counter. The dome echoes the colours of the cooking range: painted in Ultramarine Blue with elegant burnished brass trim. The cooking ranges in the Restart collection are designed to fit into any kitchen space and to create a unique ambience. Every creation is an element of exclusive design, crafted to meet the needs of the client, who can personalize the colours and finishes.

Officine Gullo on ARCHIPRODUCTSOfficine Gullo_ Black Blue & Burnished Brass

Officine Gullo_ Black Blue & Burnished Brass

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