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Кухонный гарнитур

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Being on many foodies’ wish-list dreaming of enjoying at home an experience  as in a  restaurant, professional kitchens require less rigorous styling when fitted in domestic environments.‎ Their cold functionality must apply for more elegant shapes and indeed, it is with the idea of merging practicality of use and attention to detail that Abimis has developed its Ego custom-made kitchen model in partnership with the architect Alberto Torsello.‎

The composition of Ego is entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel but its squared silhouettes, which are typical of large professional restaurant kitchens, have been "softened" by the bevelled doors fully integrated into the structure, the by hand orbitally polished finish and the rounded handles.‎ Indeed, these elements make Ego the ideal solution for residential settings.‎

The AISI 304 stainless steel finish is now also available in the polished version: the blocks making up the kitchen, which are designed and built specifically according to each individual design, can be distinguished by a "mirror"-like effect, whose  varying shades are capable of lending the kitchen the appearance of a precious monolith.‎ The new finish demonstrates once again the focus placed by  Abimis on craftsmanship: as a matter of fact, it is achieved entirely by hand, by means of treatments broken down into several steps.‎

From the latest finishes introduced to the size of the blocks, which is never standard, through the handle detail, Ego is thus a design, whose components can be picked out according to individual requirements, resulting in bespoke, ergonomic  and also fascinating furnishings: the perfect way to experience the thrills of a professional kitchen in your own home.‎  

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Коллекция Ego by ABIMIS
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